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We will do all we can to make you happy, however we do not have a rain policy.  The park drains well and can be ridden in after a rain.  There are very little boggy areas and most people have a great time even on a a rainy weekend.

No, people stay at the ranch for all sorts of reasons, including the train and family reunions.

Yes, however we only rent them as an add on to the bunk room rental, or included in the whole ranch rental.  We only rent to one group at a time and do not have a camp ground.  The good news is, when you stay at Train Robber Ranch, you are the only guests there.  There will never be multiple groups there at one time.

No, but we are happy to provide you with other local places that offer that.

No, not at Train Robber Ranch, only registered guests are allowed  however, the park (ID Fairchild State Forest) has a day use parking area.  They do not allow over night stays or camping and the park closes at dark.  You will not get all the trails featured on our page, but you would still have a wonderful time.

We do not allow dogs in the house or the bunk room.  There are no dogs allowed on guided rides.  There is a kennel on site for your dog to stay in.  If you bring your dog, all waste from the dog must be picked up by the owner.  Any damage caused by the dog will be charged to the credit card on file.  We do not recommend bringing dogs, however responsible pet owners are welcome to use the outdoor facility for their dog.

No, we do not provide horses to rent.  This facility is set up for people to bring their own horses.  A referral can be provided for horse rental.

That is unknown.  There are so many trails and more being discovered and marked daily.  If you plan to stay a weekend or weeks, you will not run out of trails.  The trails are so interesting and diverse that people return over and over again to ride them again.  You will not be bored.

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